“Pathways to Precision Care” is the theme for ANZGOG’s ASM 2022. We will explore the pathways from translational research into clinical trials; review how molecular profiles and genetics are shaping the management of ovarian and endometrial cancer; and how we can optimise patient care.

We are pleased to announce our distinguished international speakers:

Anna Fagotti
(Gynaecological Oncologist, Policlinico A. Gemelli Foundation, Rome, Italy)
David Gaffney
(Radiation Oncologist, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA)
Ana Oaknin
(Medical Oncologist, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona, Spain)

ANZGOG’s Annual Scientific Meeting brings together national and international experts in gynaecological medicine, radiation and surgical oncology, pathology, basic scientists, translational and quality of life researchers, study coordinators and nurses, as well as our partners in the pharmaceutical industry.

The meeting enables attendees to learn about the latest developments in gynaecological cancer and provides education and capacity building opportunities amongst members and industry personnel. The Pure Science Symposium is the forum for scientists to learn about the cutting edge research and developments in the pre-clinical and translational space. The meeting is attended by over 300 delegates (close to a third of ANZGOG membership).

We would like to thank members of the ANZGOG Scientific Meeting Program Committee for helping to organise the Annual Scientific Meeting 2022. In particular, the Deputy Chair of the 2022 ASM Program Committee Associate Professor Yoland Antill who will welcome delegates to Melbourne.

Kind regards

Dr Michelle Harrison
Chair | ANZGOG ASM 2022

Assoc Professor Philip Beale
Chair | ANZGOG

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Registration Opens
November 2021

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November 2021

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31 December 2021

Call for Abstracts & Concepts Closes
31 January 2022

ANZGOG ASM 2022 Program Steering Committee

Dr Michelle Harrison – Chair

Associate Professor Yoland Antill – Deputy Chair

Associate Professor Philip Beale – Chair, ANZGOG

Associate Professor Nikola Bowden

Dr Michael Burling

Dr David Chang

Dr Jennifer Chard

Dr Paul Cohen

Associate Professor Caroline Ford

Dr Pearly Khaw

Ms Wanda Lawson

Dr Yeh Chen Lee

Ms Donna Long

Professor Deborah Marsh

Ms Anne Mellon

Dr Bryony Simcock

Dr Michelle Wilson